Mikres Kyklades

Here are the Pretty Maps I made for the #30DayMapChallenge 2021 event! Thankfully, I managed to produce a map for every single day of November, which, frankly, was tough. This was very rapid mapping and it did was a contest. A contest with time, with loads of client work and with me myself. Would I do it again? Definitely yes, starting tomorrow, December 1st, for one more monthly round!

I really learnt so many new things during the process. Ways to work faster, new tools and commands, new datasets, typefaces, styles, but the most important was to see all the work from the other participants around the World. So much creativity, so much inspirational work, accessible by scrolling Twitter every morning before starting my day.

This is the magic of the internet. Getting in touch with people with which I share common feelings about maps and map making, who live in all impossible places, speak different languages and come from other cultures. I love you all. Somehow this is a parallel universe I live in, invisible to anybody else who don’t understand mapping.

So anyway. Here is my contribution:

The maps for the Days 25 and 28 are living on the internet and you may see them here:

So, until next year!

Kindest regards from Crete, Greece!


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