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Twelve Stripes of the Globe

Date December 12, 2020
Views 949 Views
Reading Time 9 Mins Read
How to design twelve stripes in ArcGIS Pro, which if printed and stitched together will reproduce a paper Globe! The classic old-school method!
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Nautical Compass

Date November 18, 2020
Views 612 Views
Reading Time 4 Mins Read
A multipurpose package of resources for reviving the Nautical Compass on maps.
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Date November 15, 2020
Views 1,004 Views
Reading Time 15 Mins Read
How I produce a filtered weighted multi-directional shaded relief, with full control of the combined light sources in ArcGISPro and Photoshop.
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How to fold a Map in ArcGIS Pro

Date October 16, 2020
Views 678 Views
Reading Time 5 Mins Read
How I leverage ArcGIS Pro to make a digital map look like folded in paper, by aptly applying smooth gradients in key directions.
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