Map Editions

Hereby we present our own Map Editions. All Pretty Maps have been inspired, designed and published by us. You are more than welcome to navigate in this awesome page, for which we are really excited..!!

– Decoration Maps –


In our attempt to integrate a little art in modern cartography and at the same time to use all the classic techniques from the ancient cartographers, we produced this pretty map series featuring World Maps and Atlases and we named it “eARTh”..!!

Pretty cool huh..??

By retrieving inspiration from the various map projections that have been invented so far, we give these maps a unique shape generated by each projection, which is explicitly referred in every map’s credits.

Please have a look and imagine one (or all) of them hanging on your wall..!!

The World as a Globe
The World as Gray

– Travel Maps –

– Smart Maps –

A Smart Map of Santorini