S-Bikes Cycle Corfu - Off Road Routes

Kerkyra is the Greek name for Corfu, one of the most beautiful islands, located at the Northwesternmost part of Greece. I had the chance to work with Paths of Greece and the local business S-Bikes – Cycle Corfu to produce two twin maps for the northern part of the island.

S-Bikes – Cycle Corfu specializes in high-end road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes and professional bike rentals, including a full service shop. They offer mythical tour services including expertly guided cycling adventures. To provide their customers a more complete experience package they decided to produce two maps, one with their suggested Asphalt Routes and its twin with their suggested Off-Road Routes.

I worked entirely in QGIS. I produced a detailed topographic basemap, in scale 1:25,000, with data from Copernicus EU and the OpenStreetMap, all processed and styled in QGIS.

I then collected the data related with the suggested routes and the associated points of interest from the client. I received ten asphalt routes and nine off road routes in GPX format, which I further processed and styled in QGIS. Showing the routes was a hard task, for the reason that the majority of them overlaps with one another, so I had to manually offset each route segment, at the overlapping parts.

Every route part is separated with rotated red pins and for each part there are labels about length in kilometers and the route’s code. For each route I also created an elevation graph with associated technical details.

I was also given twenty points of interest, dispersed around the map extent. For these, I created an image gallery with related information and pictures and I symbolized each point on map with a numbered pin, connected with the gallery.

The two maps have been produced for the Avenza Maps application for mobile devices. They are distributed exclusively from S-Bikes Cycle Corfu Routes to their customers. So if you are a bicycle enthusiast and you find yourself on Kerkyra, then do not neglect to get in touch with them.

TitleS-Bikes Cycle Corfu Routes / Off Road & Asphalt Routes
Map Scale1:25,000
MediumMobile Devices (with the Avenza Maps app)
LocationKerkyra (Corfu)
Routes NetworkPaths of Greece (Supervision)
ClientS-Bikes – Cycle Corfu