Psiloritis Unesco Geopark

Here is a Geotourism Map for Psiloritis Unesco Geopark I designed on behalf of the Natural History Museum of Crete. The map depicts the various geological formations and their associated geological boundaries, like contacts, faults or thrusts.

On the map all the locations of geological or geomorphological significance, the so called geosites, have been placed with numbered points, which correspond to the numbered list at the side of the map. The map also includes the suggested georoutes within the park.

The map was delivered to the Natural History Museum of Crete that further designed the cover and the second side of the final print. It is freely available to all visitors of the geopark’s information center.

TitlePsiloritis Unesco Geopark – Geotourism Map
Map Scale1:110,000
LocationPsiloritis, Crete, Greece
DimensionsWidth 67.8cm / Height 48.2cm
Cover DimensionsWidth 11.3cm / Height 24.1cm
ClientPsiloritis Unesco Geopark
ExpertiseArcGIS Pro