Sifnos Towers WebMap

Take a look at the Sifnos Towers WebMap !!

Did you know that Greece is a magnificent place for hiking ?? All over the country there are abundant hiking trails most of them being pretty well traced and signposted .. !!

If you are a passionate hiker and you are seeking for nice experiences and adventures in Greece, you might also like to find more appropriate places to stay close to the trails with warm and gentle people, very eager to provide information and recommendations, services to facilitate hikes, access to a wide range of hiking gear and gadgets, healthy and nutritious meals and great hospitality with hotel facilities adapted to hikers ..

Hikers’ Friendly is a certification for services related to hiking activities, like the ones mentioned above .. All of the partner hotels, that have been awarded the certification, are presented on a pretty web map designed with the latest version of the Google Maps API for JavaScript .. Further customizations have been made including the incorporation of OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap tile services as basemaps and a totally custom designed popup window for each entry on the map ..

The web map has been designed in collaboration with Paths of Greece, a great company specialized in studying and designing hiking trails and to promote a place through them.