We had never realised how many chapels and churches and monasteries there existed in the broader area of Ierapetra, at the southern-eastern part of Crete, Greece.

Not until Father Kyrillos and his loyal consultant George came to find us in order to draw some pretty maps with those religious monuments on.

Working with them was an exceptional experience. They had already literally wandered in the overall territory, having collected all the coordinates with GPS device and written the associated descriptive texts for every single point of interest.

Still we had to edit the data, to create a geodatabase and to draw large scaled maps, intended to be placed on signposts in central locations and at the yards of the monuments.

What you see is the outcome of plenty of weeks of digitizing and map designing, but at the end the outcome was really satisfying. Some graphic refinements were also implemented by our partner Motive Creative.

In case you find yourself around Ierapetra, do not neglect to visit some of these chapels, churches or monasteries. Some of them stand there for centuries. Furthermore, we drew a simple webmap on ArcGIS Online, with which you may virtualy navigate in the area.

Webmap (EN)


Webmap (GR)