The 10 most beautiful ceilings in the World

A touching article by BBC Culture was the inspiration to design this custom Story Map. The concept is to navigate on map and to click on the numbered red baloons, which indicate the locations, referenced at the article. Then there is the side panel where all the related information is presented in a narrative.

When clicking on a baloon, the side panel is automatically scrolled to the correspondent section that describes the specific location. This was an alternative to the classic info window (or PopUp window) we are all expect to see on a WebMap and this is actually what transforms it to a Story Map.

You may also click on the side panel to zoom the map to every location or to navigate via the Google Maps App, by clicking on the options “Show me on Map ” and “Show me on Google Maps App”, respectively.

Click here to open the Story Map

What consumed most of our time was the responsive design of the Story Map and how it could be effectively used in the narrow dimensions of a mobile device.

Therefore, when browsing in mobile, the screen is splited in two large parts, one for the map and one for the side panel, which is no longer “side”, but it is placed below the map!

The baloon symbols of the locations are automatically resized in smaller dimensions, in order to look prettier on the small screen, and the connection with the side panel is ceased for letting the user to manually scroll the narrative on their own pace.

Still you may use the buttons to zoom the map to the referenced locations, as well as to navigate via the native Google Maps App, installed in your device.

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