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The Earthquakes World Map

The Earthquakes World Map depicts the distribution of the earthquakes epicenters around the Globe. The base map illustrates the boundaries of the lithospheric plates, where the vast majority of the earthquakes are being generated. This argument is clearly understood when applying the epicenters on the lithospheric boundaries, with the former being projected along the latter.

The earthquakes are resembled on the map with colored circles. Red color resembles the most recent earthquakes that happened just an hour ago! Orange circles are the earthquakes of the past day and the blue circles are the earthquakes of the previous month.

In addition, the circles vary in size, with large circles resembling earthquakes of high magnitude and smaller ones resembling earthquakes of lower magnitude.

All earthquake data are derived from the USGS and they are concerned as the most accurate globally.

To complete the map with earthquakes in the Mediterranean region, data have been also taken from the EMSC with the Last 50 earthquakes worldwide.

All data are updated daily, so the map is constantly up to date. You may use the map to monitor the earthquakes in your area, or use it as a powerful educational material for school and universities.
Since all data is free, we also provide the map freely and you may use from our website or embed it on your own. Please don’t hesitate to claim the embed code via our contact form.