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The Psiloritis European & Global Geopark

Psiloritis Geopark is an area of 1200 Km2 which includes the entire mountainous region of Mountain Idi (Psiloritis), from its south slopes at the Messara and Amari valey, until the Mylopotamos valey and the Talaia Mountains (Kouloukonas), reaching the northern coasts of Crete. It was founded in 2001 and due to its rich geodiversity, its beautiful scenery and its history and tradition, it was included, from its early foundation, at the European Geoparks Network, and later at the Global Geoparks Network by UNESCO.

Featured Maps

The Geosites of Psiloritis Geopark

A Web Map Application

This Web Map Application has been designed to present the Geosites of Psiloritis Geopark and to provide all the necessary information about them. You can perform a virtual tour from your couch and learn about the rich geoheritage of the geopark.

When browsed from a mobile device, this app can also be used as a navigation tool, since it provides information about the roads network that connects the geosites, but most important it features a geolocation button which can find your current location by using the GPS of your device.


A Local Artists Exhibition from the Psiloritis Natural Park on Crete & from the Troodos Geopark in Cyprus

A Web Map Application

“An Art Exhibition of artists that origin from two unique but relative places of the Mediterranean Sea namely the Psiloritis Natural Park on Crete and the Troodos Geopark in Cyprus. At the exhibition the work from folklore artists as well as from modern artists, all with different backgrouns, is commonly presented. Either by using material from their regions or by being inspired from the natural landscape, the history, the tradition, and the everyday life as they experience it in their regions, they present us their creations”.

The exhibition happened from Sunday 12 to Friday 24 October 2014 in the Agios Marcos Basilica in the city of Heraklion on Crete in Greece.

You may read more at the Exhibition’s Blog !!

The Geo Itinerary of Gonies

A Web Map Application

The Geo-itinerary of Gonies is a well studied geotrail, along which significant geospots have been recognized. This web map presents the entire route and all the stops along the route with a description and a featured image. The web map provides information about the type of the route (e.g. asfalt road, dustroad, alley, trail etc) and it presents the intermediate stops, the geospots, in a successive list.

It can be used either for a virtual tour or as a navigation tool when on field.

Geotourism in Psiloritis Geopark

A Web Map Application

This Web Map features eight suggested day road trips within the Psiloritis Geopark Area. What to see, where to go, where to eat, drink, sleep and all the necessary information that a visitor needs to feel secure to wander around.

Along the suggested routes a large number of intermediate stops is provided, which include all the sightseeings of the geopark (geosites, archaelogical sites, cultural sites, chapels, museums etc.)

In case you have eight days to spend in the geopark there is a good suggestion for every day..!! The trips are also combined in two, three and four days of staying according to the part of Psiloritis that you will choose.

[webmap id=”093a157a8d1e40a9b3144d86dbf87717″ width=”100%” height=”550″ zoom home]

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