Top 10 Bookstores in the World

A great article from the National Geographic Travel was our inspiration to design this pretty Story Map, which depicts the referenced bookstores on an interactive narrative.

On the map panel you may see the bookstores indicated with the numbered large red markers, whilst at the side panel on the right you may see the corresponding information about each one.

These two major areas of the Story Map are connected, therefore when you click on each marker on the map, the side panel automatically scrolls and fetches the respective entry on top of the panel.

Alternatively, you may scroll the side panel, read the information and then click on the “Show me on Map” button to automatically zoom the map to the specific location.

You may also click on the “Show me on Google Maps App” to navigate directly via this app installed on your phone.

Top 10 Bookstores in the World

The Story Map was designed entirelly with the Google Maps API for JavaScript library and with a responsive design to behave differently when seen in mobile devices.

Therefore, in small screens the side panel is placed below the map, the markers are being resized to look more apt and the connection with the equivalent details is being ceased for not confusing the user.

Click here to open the Story Map

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