Top 10 Island Cities

These are the top 10 island cities as stated in a recent article written and published by the National Geographic Travel.

As we were reading the article, we thought how amazing it could be to build an interactive map, which could depict all the referenced locations.

This was the incentive to draw this Story Map, that was based on the Leaflet story-map template by Jack Dougherty.

The Story Map is separated in two panels, the map panel on the left and the side panel on the right, which are interactively connected to one another.

Top 10 Island Cities

Furthemore, the side panel is separated in chapters, one for each point on the map. When scrolling down the side panel, the map pans and zooms automatically to the specific point corresponding to the currently active chapter.

This process works and vice versa when clicking on a point, the map centers and zooms automatically to it, plus the side panel is being scrolled to the equivalent chapter.

If you wish to go back to the full extent of the map simply click on the home button on top left.

Top 10 Island Cities

On mobile devices, the configuration of the Story Map slightly changes, when seen on the portrait orientation of the screen.

The side panel overlaps the map and becomes transparent in order to browse the map when scrolling with your finger on it.

You may change any time this behaviour by rotating your phone in landscape orientation.

Click here to open the Story Map

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